TOTAL CONTROL Ltd. is one of the first Bulgarian private cargo inspection organizations with almost 30 years of history:

After 1990, with the change of the political and economic system in Bulgaria, there was a change in the control system - the first private control organizations appeared.

One of them is TOTAL CONTROL, separated from the structure of the only so far State Control Institution in Bulgaria.

Registered on December 6, 1991. as TOTAL CONTROL ET, the company  develops active activity very quickly  and create offices in  Bulgaria  in towns of Ruse, Svishtov, Lom, Vidin.

In 1996 it was re-registered as TOTAL CONTROL Ltd.

In the years of its development TOTAL CONTROL Ltd. stabilizes and expands its market share, adapting its activities to the expanding range of control services and offering high quality, satisfying to the maximum the requirements of customers and legal regulations.

Loyally to its policy - to continuously improve the level of activity, TOTAL CONTROL undertook restructuring activities in order to achieve close specialization in certain areas of cargo inspection services : from its  structure was separated a newly formed control organization: TOTAL CARGO INSPECTION Ltd. with the  clear aim to specialize in specific sectors of commodity control.

Based on a company contract, clearly established internal company rules and procedures, TOTAL CONTROL Ltd. and TOTAL CARGO INSPECTION Ltd. combine professional experience, expertise and skills in DANUBE SURVEYER COMPANY.

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