Danube Survey Company Ltd.  provides damage inspections in relation to ascertainment of  cargo damages -  occurred   of an insured event  and under the  influence of accidental events /disasters, accidents, catastrophes/ during transportation, loading-discharge services, storage; damage of refrigerating and other facilities in special regime of transport and storage, etc.

The findings made by us provide accurate information about: the range, character, reasons, time and place of occurrence of damages on the goods, under whose responsibility has been the damaged good as of the moment of the occurrence.

Recommendations are made for limiting the damage and preventing bigger material and financial loss; recommendations for subsequent storage and disposition with the damaged good.

We make assessment of the caused damages – determination of residual value, percentage of depreciation, percentage of compensation.

In case of established losses -  asscertained  of the rainge  and assessment of the losses, analysis of the reasons and place of occurrence.

The documents issued by Danube Survey Company Ltd. : Damage report, Survey report,  Functional suitability test Report,  are used for resolving claims towards insurers and for filling regression claims.

Danube Survey Company Ltd.  provides services for managing damaged goods – determination of storage regime, repair work, participation in procedure for scrapping and destruction of  the damaged goods.


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