Danube Survey Company  conducts cargo inspection services of industrial, agricultural, foodstuff from all commodity groups and sub-groups; of raw materials and materials; of individual commodity units and entire lots, thus meeting the needs of a wide range of customers.

The purpose of cargo inspection services is to provide timely, accurate, competent and unprejudiced  information of the quantity / quality of goods and cargos and their compliance / incompliance with the terms of the trade transaction, of the normative, technical and other requirements, thereby protecting the interests of clients, preventing / resolving commercial disputes and preventing from  financial losses.

The documented results of the cargo inspection activity are recognized by private, departmental, state, customs, investigative and judicial authorities and used with probative force in resolving disputes / on good will, arbitration, judicial /, for making recommendations, claims and complaints.

Cargo inspection services by as, are performed both for individual commodity units and for small consignments, as well as on large consignments delivered by river and sea vessels, trains, trucks; containers.

Cargo inspection services by as, are performed for consignments in store, during storage and / or during expediting and loading / unloading activities.

More specifically Danube Survey Company performs cargo inspection services in the following directions:



We  perform  Quality inspection services   as per methodology and indicators  in accordance with :

Through performing Quality inspection services we are measuring , examining or estimating in one or more characteristics of the goods and are comparing to the requirements set for them.

The Documented expert conclusions provide to clients information about: actual condition of  the goods being controlled, established imperfections and deviations; reasons for their occurrence, recommendations for their restriction and remedy, they serve for making claims when implementing sales contracts.

Depending on the purpose of the inspection, the quality  is estimated as per qualitative, quantitative or  alternative indicator and   giving  conclusion   for   class of  quality ,  for compliance with  chemical, physical-chemical, mechanical and other indicators; for the suitability of the commodity  unit and/or consignment.



In this sense Danube Survey Company  performs quality  cargo inspection  in the following directions:



Danube Survey Company Ltd. performs Quantity cargo  inspection  of general, bulk, liquid cargoes

Quantity cargo inspections by as performed of consignments, delivered by river and sea vessels, containers, trucks, train compositions,  also of consignments  stored in warehouses, cisterns, silos, tanks etc., during loading and unloading works and expediting or storing the commodities.

The documents issued provide information to the clients about the quantity of the cargo being controlled, the compliance / incompliance with the statements in the loading accompanying and warehouse documents, sales contracts which are used for solving / preventing trade disputes, analyzing the reasons for registered difference, making claims to partners.


Danube Survey Company  performs quantity  control in the following directions:

The accuracy of results of services being carried out on the quantity cargo inspection has confirmed Danube Survey Company Ltd. as a recommended control organization for performing arbitration measurements as well as upon measurements assigned by investigation and judicial authorities.


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